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Finding Art From Original Work when the internet is full of art for sale online can be a daunting task. The artist you have come across here, Dale Wozny, has been considered at times "too original". How can that be? He does not fit into a box. The Art From Original Work in his case is a taunt... it's a challenge... it's as if the gauntlet has been thrown down and all that is left is to enjoy the highly original artwork.

Some of the paintings posted here are typical scenes while watercolors some of his watercolors previewed here can step beyond the boundary of reality and drag you to the next realm.

Then there is his photographic eye which can be telling as well as whimsical. It's as if you are peeking in on another world rarely seen by humans. This Web site offers you the opportunity of owning high resolution, digital reproductions of Art From Original Work by this unique artist at a fraction of the cost of the prized original.

And with FREE PC Screen wallpaper you can experience the unique power of Woznyart.

And of course, selling original artwork online means that many of the works found on this site are available as high resolution reproductions at very reasonable prices. Acrylics are available on actual canvas making for a truly unique authentic looking print. Makes a great gift too!


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