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If you've been to one art gallery sale, you sometimes feel you been to EVERY art gallery sale ever staged! Well, let's see if we can't break that evil cycle with some fresh perspective from Dale Wozny.

Dale's work has a crafty, playful nature to it. His paintings, watercolors, drawings and photographs all share the same inviting and memorable quality. His work transcends the typical art gallery sale and stands alone. Dale's work can be called abstract though not stripped down to the point of blandness, but instead filled with rich imagery, fluid lines and warm tones.

Let the wandering masses attend the art gallery sales all they want, while you snap up highly original works of art online here at very reasonable prices. Our digital reproductions for sale on this site will faithfully transfer the special personal quality of this work and remain true for years to come. And, for a limited time, we're offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders!

Check out some of Dale's work and don't miss our FREE Wallpaper section for your PC screen background before you look elsewhere else for an art gallery sale.


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