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Dale Wozny is having an ongoing art print sale on his Web site His art work is unique and h digital reproductions on canvas offer the most true-to-life acrylic paintings found anywhere.

Dale offers a variety of styles and mediums for his art print sale, as well as several print format options with pricing for any budget. Quality art for the masses is within reach! Have a look at some of Dale's photography work for subtle stylings in a contemporary digital format. Or check out his colorful, uniquely odd and interesting watercolors featuring aliens and other folk.

And what would an art print sale be without some acrylics on canvas. One of Dale's very unique paintings has hundreds of faces painted into a stone wall, and the painting "fits" into an existing stone hearth making it "invisible". Hard to explain, but check out this link for an animated treatment of this painting.

Several works are available as FREE downloadable wallpaper for your PC, while most everything is available either as an economical high resolution digital print on satin finish paper, while the acrylics are available on actual canvas for the most authentic look possible.


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