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Looking for a contemporary art sale on the internet is getting to be a commonplace occurrence. But actually finding great art at a contemporary art sale is NOT! This site aims to change that. And by relying on the contemporary art produced by Dale Wozny, we believe we have a head start in that direction.

This contemporary art work has a stylized, playful nature to it. His paintings, watercolors, drawings and photographs all share the same impressionable impact and earthy quality. His work transcends the typical contemporary art sale and stands alone. Dale's work is filled with rich imagery, fluid lines and warm tones.

Just because something is a contemporary work of art does not mean it is valuable. The old adage still applies: Quality. How to define quality? Simple: Does the art move you? Does it speak to you? Does it tell a story? Does his have depth? Does it fulfill a need? Does it speak truth? Ultimately, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but behold this work my fellow internet person and take part in this contemporary art sale online at this very web site.

Check out some of Dale's work and don't miss our FREE Wallpaper section for your PC screen background before you look elsewhere else for an art gallery sale.


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