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If you're a Fine Art Buyer you will appreciate the unique talents of Dale Wozny. His work has a fresh, lively sense about it. Always positive and uplifting with a little leaning toward the unusual.

Dale Wozny dreams up and delivers a new way of looking at the regular world. His visual interpretations are at once fresh and inviting but also comfortable and appealing. A seasoned fine art buyer will see right off that there is nothing typical about Dale's work. He has a unique style which is very endearing in a variety of mediums. Powerful photography, decisive visual concepts and a singularly keen eye lends itself to some very distinct artwork. Affordable reprints of much of Dale's work is available online in the form of high-resolution digital reproductions in a variety of formats.

A fine art buyer would be happy to find that all of the original art work on this site is available for purchase online with PayPal.

So if you're a fine art buyer who is tired of the same old thing, take a look a Dale Wozny's work and you'll find a new eye with passion.


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