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A great Fine Art Sale is one in which you chance to locate a gem of a piece by maybe an unknown artist destined to make his mark in the field of pure expression. Dale Wozny's work has a certain craftiness to it which one finds as a welcomed change. He produces fine art in the true sense of the word.

Born of a vision from within, his work outlines a freedom of expression rife with passion, yet playful at the same time. Never waiting to be dissected, but instead pure and innocent in it's truth. Never pushy, but always inviting and fresh. Fine art indeed.

Take some time to review his acrylic oil painting style or his intuitive photographic eye. His more playful side is evident in his watercolor works.

Several works are available as FREE downloadable wallpaper for your PC, while most everything is available either as an economical high resolution digital print on satin finish paper, while the acrylics are available on actual canvas for the most authentic look possible.


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