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Laguna Beach Cove Painting For Sale


Moss Point Rocks No. 1

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18" X 24" on canvas

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  • $249.00 - 18" x 24"

    About this Laguna Beach Cove Painting

    California Artist Dale Wozny created this original acrylic on canvas Laguna Beach Cove Painting from a photograph taken at the famous Moss Point Cove in Laguna Beach. These rocky outcroppings covered with ocean greenery amidst the turbulent surf offer amazing scenes where many artists are found capturing this stunning scene in photos and paintings. The swirling waters captured by the artist in rendering his version of this iconic Laguna Beach location are of special note as they create an almost dreamy movement on the canvas. One finds oneself looking into the canvas rather than simple at it.

    Prints of this unique Laguna Beach Painting are available online from this website. Simply click on the "Add To Cart" button above.


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