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Dale Wozny produces original art for sale for the masses. High quality digital reproductions on a variety of mediums. And when we say "original", we mean it! There is nothing "ordinary" about Dale Wozny art. His style is original and unique, his vision is singular and true, and his execution is emotional and vibrant.

Dale offers up a variety of styles including original acrylic paintings available on high lustre paper or actual canvas; original watercolors for sale, visually rewarding photographic reproductions, as well as pen & ink drawings—all available for sale online as high quality digital reprints.

The term "original art" gets tossed around a lot, but when you take a closer look at the works on this site, you will see this term has been aptly used. Some work is so original it defies categorization.

All of the original art for sale on this site is available as art prints of very high quality. Our e-commerce method is the very popular PayPal system, and in most cases shipping is INCLUDED at no additional charge!


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