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The term original art work for sale takes on new meaning when it comes to art produced by Dale Wozny. Especially the "original" aspect. Dale has taken the long route to create these works in a variety of mediums including paintings, watercolors, drawings and photographs. Because of his journey each of these works is original art to the core.

Imagine a place where no cliches are allowed.... where anything shy of pure truth s abandoned... a location in time and space that is for the most part singular in it's perspective. It is there you will find the original art work for sale on this site.

One of Dale's very unique paintings has dozens of faces painted into each stone of a life-like a stone wall painting which "fits" into an existing stone hearth making it "invisible". Hard to grasp, but check out this link for an animated treatment of this painting.

Check out more of Dale's work and don't miss our FREE Wallpaper section for your PC screen background before you look elsewhere else for original art work for sale.


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