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Original Oil Painting Sale


If you're looking for an original oil painting sale you've arrived!

Dale Wozny presents a variety of his best work on this site as this original oil painting sale compliments the rest of the work also available. And as a way of letting you get comfortable with this new artist's work, we have provided FREE downloadable wallpaper for your PC of several of his more popular works.

An original artist such as this does not comes along too often, and with an original oil painting sale to match... why, this must be your lucky day! His eye for design and his knack for transmitting strong concepts in a whimsical fashion are his trademarks. The artist's unique "take" on things is further evident in his work from photography to watercolors. Reprints in digital format of many of these works are available on this site.

High Resolution Digital Reprints of acrylic paintings available on this site are presented on actual canvas. The effect is stunning as the reproduction mirrors the original nearly identically. There is no better way to turn an original oil painting sale into a reality!


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