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Isn't it great that artists these days are Selling Art On The Internet? This opens up a whole new world of opportunity for both the artist and the art connoisseur. Of course, the down side is that everybody and his brother are Selling Art On The Internet which sort of makes for a glut. So much so that you have to really sift through the silt and find the art print for sale out of so very many oil painting sales to get great art.

Well you've found a nice little pocket of "great" right here! Dale Wozny is a unique artist working in a variety of mediums including acrylic as well as watercolor. The two mediums can be very similar. The Original Art For Sale found here is truly special.

Not only confined to acrylics and watercolors, Dale also has a pretty good eye with a camera and has been known to lay down a few mean and nasty drawings in his time.

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And of course, Selling Art On The Internet means that many of the works found on this site are available as high resolution reproductions at very reasonable prices. Acrylics are available on actual canvas making for a authentic looking print.


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