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It's every artists dream of Selling Art Online, but with so much "art" out there, how do you decide what is "good" art? It's simple! Does it please your eye? Does it have a true "vision"? Is there a chance the artist will become well-known—enough so your purchase might also become an "investment"? So as you can see, Selling Art Online can be dicey.

Fortunately the art on THIS site IS quality. Dale Wozny is a born artist. His natural skills have been enhanced by a keen eye and a whimsical "take" on the world around us. But quality?? How can you tell? It's obvious! The art on this site is NOT an abstract collection of "blobs of paint" on a canvas, or "studies of color" that a kid could do. No... this is REAL ART. The kind that when you look at, you realize that some time, thought and certainly skill went into the creation of it and that Selling Art Online can be a pleasurable experience for BOTH the artist and the buyer.

Have a look at Dale's paintings or his watercolors... and you will see that emotion and heart went into the creation of these works. Will they be worth something someday? More than what you would pay for an authentic reprint on this site? Good question. All of the elements are intact to achieve such grand platitudes. All that is needed is time.

In the meantime, you can ENJOY this inspired artwork in your own home or work place. Preview some of the artists photographs, or become engaged by his detailed drawing skills. High resolution digital reproductions of many of these works are available on this site. Take a minute to browse the site and you will find a clarity of vision not often seen.

And if you like free stuff—and who doesn't, then we have a winner for you here. Many of the works found on this web site are available as FREE downloadable wallpaper for your PC.


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