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These days every artist in the world is Selling Artwork Online. So how do you decide what to purchase? It's simple! Does the artist have a true "vision"? Does the artwork scream ORIGINALITY at you the moment you see it? Does it move you? Does it inspire you? Do you find yourself saying "Now THAT'S Cool!"? All of these criteria are met on this site. Selling Artwork Online can be a pleasurable experience for both the artists and the buyer.

Dale Wozny is a born artist. His need.... his compulsion to create... his skill and originality shine through on every piece. Take his paintings for example. Every brush stroke considered... every detail determined and every color true. And his pen & ink drawings demonstrate complete visual mastery.

Then check out his watercolors... and you will see that emotion and heart went into the creation of these works. You can ENJOY this inspired artwork in your own home or work place. High resolution digital reproductions of many of these works are available on this site. Take a minute to browse the site and you will find a clarity of vision not often seen.

You can preview the purchase of this artwork with FREE PC Screen wallpaper. Click here for FREE downloadable wallpaper for your PC.


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