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Seems like everyone is Selling Fine Art on the Internet these days. "FIne Art" is such a loosely-used term, it's hard to pigeon-hole what does and what is does not fit into that category. Traditionally, this term—over three hundred years old—was initially used to denote "purity of discipline" as detailed in Wikipedia. We feel safe in using this term on this site to describe the artwork for it is truly a disciplined endeavor. The artist has been at it most of his life, and at nearly 50 years old, his skill has indeed mellowed and the artwork is evident of that.

Take his paintings for example. They are NOT "studies of color" with some paint thrown onto the canvas to match some bedspread! This work speaks of truth, beauty and purity of intent. Have a look at the watercolors on this site and you will see that a wealth of skill—not to mention thoughtfulness and originality—has gone into his work and you will agree that Selling Fine Art is an appropriate term.

And don't miss the artists photo work. While not as "crafty" in the sense that a painting takes hours while a snapshot takes milliseconds, evident in all of the work on this site is the unique "eye" and singular "take" on the world around us as presented in Dale's work in abundance.

In the meantime, you can ENJOY this inspired artwork in your own home or work place. Preview some of the artists detailed drawing skills. High resolution digital reproductions of many of these works are available on this site. Take a minute to browse the site and you will find a clarity of vision not often seen.

And if you a PC user, then we have a FREEBIE for you here. Many of the works found on this web site are available as FREE downloadable wallpaper for your PC.


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