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It's tough to find truly Unique Artwork with so much schlock available online. It becomes a very big haystack in which to find a very few needles. But Unique Artwork is what is all about.

Dale Wozny is a talented multi-media artist whose career covers so much varied ground that it is quite interesting to review his work. Here are but a few of the areas of creativity in which Dale has made works available for review ad purchase on this Web site:

When you find Unique Artwork such as this you want to tell your friends about it! Tell them about the FREE PC Screen wallpaper so they can experience the Unique Artwork of Woznyart.

And of course, what good is Unique Artwork if you can have a piece of it? To that end, the original artwork found on this site is available as high resolution, digital reproductions. Acrylics are available on actual canvas making for a truly unique artwork authentic looking print. Makes a great gift too!


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