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Unknown Artist


Unknown Artist Dale Wozny has toiled in a world where the term has no meaning. Real art is born out of love and not the desire for fame. Thus the true artist will not be guided by such illusory and extemporaneous notions. It is in this way only that purity of mind an clarity of vision can be harnessed to produce truth in art.

An unknown artist impacts you the person seeking the art. Largely because you cannot connect! To that end, we can supply you, the art seeker, with quality art available for purchase online with PayPal. You can order pristine quality, digital reproductions on economical paper suitable for framing. Acrylics are also available in digital reproductions right onto actual canvas. This produces a most excellent looking reproduction designed to awe the eye!

Check out more of Dale's work and don't miss our FREE Wallpaper section for your PC screen background before you look elsewhere else for an unknown artist ready to explode onto the scene.


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